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Zosi Digital Day Night Security Camera

The Zosi Digital Day Night security Camera is sterling for safety in your home or office, with video and photo monitoring you can have complete control over your space. The Camera also grants a silent mode and security mode to keep your money and items safe.

Zosi Digital Day Night Security Camera Walmart

This security Camera is terrific for a Day or night, it imparts two vision options, Night and day, to provide you with enough vision to stay safe at night. The Camera also gives Night vision so you can see in the dark, and a sound alternative to help you if there is an attack, this Digital security Camera is fantastic for keeping an eye on your home while you're away. With a Day Night vision and high-definition camera, you can keep track of your family's Night and easily identify any changes or threats, with a fast shield rate of 100% and a simple to handle interface, this Camera is enticing for home safety. This Zosi Digital Day Night security Camera is a high-quality security Camera that can monitor your home or office with 8 mp resolution video and 4 k resolution Digital video, it provides an ultra hd resolution screen and a built-in video Camera for capturing video and photos in 4 k resolution. This Camera also gives an alert system that will keep you and your family safe is on one app, but will connect to another to keep you updated with security events, the Zosi 4 pack Digital security cameras are first-rate alternative to protect your home from your favorite athletes. With video and data storage capacity that can track your every move, these cameras can monitoring your home from or Night time on the go, whether you're scouring to monitor your home from your computer or phone, these cameras will do the job well.