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Security Camera Transparent

Looking for a secure and protective cctv Camera for your home? Don't look anywhere than this Transparent dome glass housing! Our security Camera protective cover will keep you safe and secure, even in an influx of guests.


1/3" SONY CCD High Transparent

By Unbranded/Generic


2 - IPhone 6 Size Travelon Waterproof Smart Phone Digital Camera Pouch It Floats

2 - IPhone 6 Size

By Travelon


Dummy Dome Shape CCTV Security Camera With LED Fake Motion Detection Black NEU

Best Security Camera Transparent

This is a dummy Camera that is Transparent and functional as a security camera, it extends a flashing red led light and is fabricated of plastic. It is uncomplicated to install and is exquisite for people who desiderate to create a fake security Camera without any fear of security footage being published, this is a fake security Camera that can be used to practice your security controller activity. The Camera is located outside and is ready for use as a simulation of a security camera, you can use the Camera to identify the controllers and perform security tasks. The security dome Camera from 13 sony ccd high Transparent mini ball case is an indoor cctv security dome that can track your activity in your house, the Camera is Transparent and grants a mini ball case for protection. The Camera can track your movement and track the targets that you have identified, it renders a that allows you to control the Camera from your smartphone. This is a dummy imitation surveillance cctv home security dome Camera with light, it is fantastic for people who yearn to improve their home security. The Camera offers a high-quality led light that will make it easier to see in the dark.